「Tea Clipper brings Chinese premium black tea from Shanghai to the world.」Black tea was only available in China and transportation from China to London took over a year. The Clipper was used especially as tea carrier, shortening transit time to three months due to its long and narrow body design and non-stop sailing. The Tea Clipper was able to deliver fresh black tea from its origin to its destination in record time. Therefore, Tea Clipper has become the symbol of high quality black tea. The Bund Tea Company works as hard as 19th century tea clippers in order to do its bit in making Chinese black tea accessible for the entire world to enjoy.

OUR TEAS橘子平台的游戏怎么添加进去

The Bund Tea Company supply the premium tea.
hand-picked tea blooms with traditional hand-processed
procedures. Absolutely noartificial fragrance is added.

Genuine premium tea requires time and energy to
process. We use only the best tea blooms, and treat
them by hand. Like with premium red wine, artificial
fragrance is definitely not allowed in such tea.

The best taste and aroma comes naturally from tea
itself. Different weather causes different tea colors,
fragrances and tastes each year, even though
theymight be from the same tea farm. We sincerely
welcome our guests to enjoy ournatural premium
black tea at our tea shop.


Bund means embankment in English. The British colony along the river was
called the Bund. It used to be developed as a black tea export base place.

The Bund Tea Company was established at the original place of the black tea
exporter, Gibb, the Livingston & Company, in 2009. The historic building had
been used for a long time as a warehouse by a state-owned instrument
factory after 1949.
It took about 10 months to renovate this decrepit building and to turn it into
today's tea salon and tea shop. During the 2010 Shanghai Expo, there are
countless guesses visiting shanghai city and our tea salon & tea shop.

We regret being unable to expand our business to open more tea shops in
the immediate future due to the rarity o raw tea material. However,
we are planning to extend our business to the world. Our first step is to start
our sales in Japan in 2011.

General Manager Zhang Wei

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T e l +86-21-6329-0989(Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00)
F a x +86-21-6329-0980

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Transportation Subway line # 2, 10.
8 minutes walk from Nanjing Dong Road Station
Address No.100, Dianchi Road, Huangpu District,
T e l +86-21-6329-0989
F a x +86-21-6329-0980
Opening Hours Tea Shop: 10:00〜20:00
Tea Salon: 11:00〜20:00
Close every Tuesday
Close on January 27th to 30th.